Resources for Challenging High-Stakes Testing

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In the sixteen years since I first administered the CSAP test to my fourth grade students, here is what we have learned:

  • Wealth and poverty are the greatest indicators of test performance
  • High-stakes testing increases inequities in opportunities and resources and further harms low-income children and youth and further segregates schools
  • Test scores are not an accurate indicator of a student’s knowledge or potential
  • Emphasis on standardized testing kills creativity, imagination, and innovation
  • Commercial tests are more expensive and are far less informative than classroom assessments collected over time and evaluated by professional teachers
  • High-stakes testing does not improve schools, teachers or students
  • Billions have been spent on High-stakes testing and the evidence is clear – zero return on investment
  • Standardized tests and the stakes and labels associated with these tests are destructive to children and youth and fail to honor their unique ways of thinking and learning

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